Thursday, August 20, 2009

Surgery Time -- Baby Day Part 2

Finally, they took me back into the operating room and began he prep work. They said Chris had to wait until it was time for surgery before he could come in. The anesthesiologist came in to give me my spinal. He had me sit on the surgery table with one leg on either side dangling and said to just relax. Since Chris couldn't come in yet, the nurse was so nice, she sat next to me and held both my hands and helped keep me calm. He said to hold really still and that if I feel a tingle or have the urge to move or flinch, not to! Yeah...Easier said than done! When he started to insert the needle, it hit a nerve and caused my leg to fling up at the knee. He says to me..."That is what I was talking about, I told you not to move!" I wanted to say to him, have you ever had a spinal? Do you think I have any control when you hit a little nerve and cause my reflexes to flinch? He wasn't mad, he just really needed me to sit still, so two nurses came over and held both my legs down. It was all done and I started to feel the cement legs. Then they prepped my belly and were just about ready to get Chris when my nose itched, so...I itched it. In doing so, I moved my blanket and it rubbed across my stomach, so they had to re-start the sanitizing process. Ooops! Finally Chris was able to come in with me. I was so excited to see him. We were not allowed to take any pictures or video of the c-section until it was time for baby to come out. We found that out the hard way when we were reprimanded. Ooops Again! Chris decided to take pictures of me instead to help pass time.

Laying here having a baby is exhausting...JK! Me and Chris waiting for lil man to come out. Chris taking a self portrait. A few minutes before we get to meet our baby! Since Chris could see what was going on and I couldn't, I kept asking him, what are they doing? What about now? Is it time? Now What? Finally the Dr. said. Ok get your camera ready, it's just about time...Here comes Baby!!!

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